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Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible to issue Certificate of Flight Release / Maintenance in respect of aircraft, engine, instruments, electrical, radio system which certifies that the aircraft is airworthy & fit for flying. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers play a Major role among the Maintenance personnel to keep the Aircraft 'Airworthy' at all times. No civil aircraft engaged in flying for hire and reward can be operated without being certified as Airworthy by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's holding AME licenses in the respective categories. The maintenance of modern sophisticated aircraft's calls for high degree of technical knowledge, competence & proficiency on the part of the concerned personnel. Tremendous responsibility lies upon the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's who are certifying the modern sophisticated Aircraft's, manned by experienced crew trained at high cost and great care carrying the precious load of ever increasing number of passengers.
What Are Career Prospects ?
Man's most ambitious aspiration is always been to win the sky and to know what is there next to the sky. To overcome this, he has always been developing new technologies. Starting from the very first day, when the Right Brothers designed the first flying machine, till now industry has gone through the revolutionary changes. We could reach to this bivouac just because of our skilled maintenance engineers. With the changing trends of time and the "Boom in the Aviation Industry" is witnessing now a days, it has become a very lucrative & challenging profession for young, bright talents who are willing to work hard to make it big. The Maintenance Engineers of the Aviation Industry are one of the most elite groups of individuals who not only draw a very fat salary package but also they are respected for their professionalism, dedication & hard work throughout the world. Not only do they get respect in India but also they are at a very high demand globally. This is the only Engineering Industry where wide scope to acquire intra-branch knowledge is available. To meet the growing need of the Passenger Airlines, Cargo Aircrafts, Private Air Taxi Operators, Business and Corporate jets there exists urgent need for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Aircraft Manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing are setting up Maintenance job opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, therefore career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering assures a promising future.
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