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Admission Procedure  *   Fee Structure
Rules and Regulations
Management Rights
For any matter not governed by the rules and regulations given in prospectus, rules will be laid down as and when necessary; and the same will be notified. The students are liable to abide by the same.
Semester Examination
A student should secure minimum 80% Attendance for appearing in semester examinations. Those short of attendance will not be allowed to appear for the semester examinations. However it will be counted after taking special classes in concerned subjects. Additional fee will be charged for additional classes, if necessary. Candidates failing in one semester may be allowed to reappear along with next semester examination with submission of re-examination fee only . However the candidate shall not be admitted to third semester without passing the first semester. Similarly, he will not be admitted to the fourth and fifth semester without passing the second and third semester respectively.
Technical Tour & Trainings
The Institute arranges visits and tours to places of technical interest. Students are liable to pay cost towards such arranged visits & trainings.
The institute maintains absolute discipline and students violating the same are liable for severe disciplinary action including expulsion /suspension from the Institute/hostel.
Ragging of any kind is totally BANNED. Students found guilty are liable for severe punishment including dismissal from the institute/ hostel and if necessary, the matter may be referred to the police.
Award of Certificate
Every student who successfully completes three years (six semesters) training in the institution, will be eligible for the award of Certificate provided:-
a His attendance should be at least 80% in all theory and practical classes
b He should have passed the theory and practical examinations securing a minimum of 70% marks in individual subjects.
The Institute on successful completion of the course will issue Certificate and Mark sheet to every student. If certificate/mark sheet is lost, duplicate copy will be issued on payment of Rs. 250/- for every duplicate copy.
Fee Revision
Fee rates given in the prospectus are applicable only for the session in question and any fee revision subsequently made will also be applicable to the existing students who are in senior classes and as well as for those who join for future sessions.
Expenditure Certificate
Expenditure certificate will be issued to foreign students for obtaining necessary foreign exchange through their Government, only once every year during the course. On completion of their course, those who do Industrial training in India will be eligible for expenditure certificate once for a maximum period of one year only against certified proof.
Caution Deposit
The caution deposit is intended to compensate for any damage done to the Institute property by the student. However, adjustment for the caution deposit towards such damages or losses will be made only after the student completes his full course. Therefore, a student is liable to pay cost of loss/damage immediately. In case a student leaves the course in between, the Institute shall forfeit the caution money.
Payments Of Fee-foreign Students
Foreign students are advised to make necessary arrangements for remittance of their fee and living expenses before they leave their country, so as to avoid unnecessary hardships after arrival. Foreign students are required to pay the total fee in two equal installments, first at the time of admission and another before the start of fourth semester.
Absence From Class
Absence from class (es) will be viewed very seriously. Following rules must be followed in this respect
a Leave application must be submitted to Chief Instructor and prior approval must be obtained.
b Medical certificate must be submitted for any sickness from an authorized Medical Officer
c Absence from institute without application for 7 days or more will result in termination of the student. Admission to such students will be given only after payment of readmission fee, with valid reasons for absence from parents/guardian
d Parents/guardian must give consent for outstation leave
Disciplinary action will be taken for violation of rules and misconduct by students. In all matters of indiscipline; the decision of the management shall be final. A student may be expelled from the institute/hostel and forfeit his deposits on any of the grounds; i.e. theft, ragging, abnormal behavior, use of drugs and alcohol, fighting, causing damage to property and misconduct. The management reserves the right of cancellation of admission of any candidate without assigning any reason. In matters of Administration, Training and Discipline, the decision of the management shall be final & legally binding on all parties concerned. All disputes will be settled within Lucknow Jurisdiction only. A student is expected to satisfy himself/herself that the above conditions are agreeable to him/her before joining the institute or its hostel and will be responsible for consequences for any non-conformity of the rules.
Azad Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering
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